Yup, I’m starting a blog!

Yup, I’m starting a blog!

Ooooh, what kind of blog is this going to be? 

A cooking blog?  Not unless it was going to be an entire blog about scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and raisin toast (just ask my roomates before I got married). I do, however, have TONS of delicious looking recipes saved on Pinterest that I might get around to trying one day.  One could argue that in the amount of time that I was hoarding recipes for the future, I could have already made a boring old meal that fed my family just the same.

A fashion blog?  Ha!  Do Lululemon pants count as fashion?

Oh I know! A Parenting Blog?!?! Oh dear goodness no!  I am not qualified to be dishing out parenting advice after the amount of times I turn into psycho mom on my three adorable but insane little children.

IMG_3988Here’s the deal, I’m a woman of many passions.  That’s just a job interview way of saying that I am flighty and start things that never seem to get finished.  So this blog could never be about just one topic…instead, I decided to create a Lifestyle blog that covers anything and everything.  The purpose is to give me an excuse to keep on going down the deep dark rabbit holes of Pinterest and Google in hopes that highlighting the good stuff, I might save you some time (at least that’s what I am telling myself).  Since I’ve always been a great shopper and am constantly scouring the internet for great travel deals, simple but beautiful products, ways to become more green…and yes…even the occasional recipe, I thought I would put all of those things in one place with links to the products or services that I come across. If you end up clicking on and purchasing anything that I have recommended, because you want to, not because I’m asking you to…I would get a commission through companies that offer affiliate programs.  The hope is that if I get enough followers, I would be able to include discount codes and promotions from a variety of companies through this as well.  I’m super excited to get to work on this and getting it started.  Let’s do this!

– Audrey –

STAY TUNED: First up, I will be discussing the benefits of Juicing and how you can get started quickly.  To confirm, this is Juicing Fruits and Vegetables…not taking steroids.  If you were hoping for the second, you will have to continue your google search elsewhere.

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